The Chosen, created by Dallas Jenkins, is a Christian historical drama, presented as a multi-season series, about the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. Different from the many other portrayals of Jesus, we see Him in a more personal and intimate way, presented through the lens of those who followed Him during His ministry and after. The drama is biblically accurate and true to the writings of the four Gospels.

According to Niagra Frontier Publications, as of June, 2023, over 110 million viewers in 175 countries around the world have watched part or all of The Chosen. In July, 2023, the CW (CBS/Warner Broadcasting) premiere broadcast of The Chosen was watched by 520,000 viewers in the US. There are plans to soon make it available in 600 languages.

Even without enrolling in a Bible study based on the series, The Chosen is definitely worth watching!

This 10-week/8-episode study based on Season 2, which begins Thursday, February 8, 2024, 10am-12noon at Palm Coast United Methodist Church, follows the previous study of Season 1, the episodes of which can be viewed on Prime Video, FreeVee, Netflix, Peacock and The Chosen app which is free to download to your device. Below is a link to the Season 1 trailer:   Click on the link. If necessary, click on “Browse YouTube”. The trailer is about 1 minute.

The Season 2 episodes continue to present the lives of those chosen as disciples, the events of Jesus’ life and His immense impact on those He encounters; the study guide lessons examine The Beatitudes and Jesus’ most famous preaching, “The Sermon on the Mount.” This Bible study does require purchasing “The Chosen, Volume 2” (study guide), which is available through Amazon, Christianbook, Walmart & Hobby Lobby. All other materials will be provided free of charge. Below is a link to the Season 2 trailer:   Trailer is about 2 minutes.

For more information and/or to enroll, please contact Kathy Fotopoulos by email:

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