The Palm Coast United Methodist Church is well known for our Christian School that has always been an integral part of our identity as a religious and educational leader in Palm Coast! 

Nothing changes at our new campus! 

Although the worship and administrative portions of our new campus have been under construction for over a year, only the “shell” of the school (outer walls and roof), which consists of nearly one third of the square footage of the facility, was completed due to various reasons.

Not anymore!  The design has been approved and the City has issued the building permit to continue with the interior of the school which is slated to be completed by early 2024!  Infrastructure, including plumbing and electrical, are underway! 

As the school construction is quickly progressing, so are the interior finishes of the worship and administrative areas of the Campus. 

With electrical, air conditioning and water up and running at the site, now the fun begins!  Final paint is being applied along with ceiling tiles and cabinetry with carpeting soon to follow. 

The Coastal Plaza, which is a focal and main gathering space of the new campus, will be furnished with comfortable seating, fountains, and a video monitor to be used for streaming of worship services, music and many other events and happenings.  This will be a comfortable space to enjoy reflection, a cup of coffee or can even be rented for private functions.         

Please join us on our continued journey to a new and beautiful facility meant to serve all members of the  community!!