Well, hello November! Time to bust out those cozy sweaters and embrace the chill. Our school is all geared up to kick off this month with a bang! Did you know, back in 1621, Native Americans and the English sat together for a feast with over a hundred guests? They gobbled up yummy turkey and played loads of games. To honor this legendary day, we’re hosting our very own Thanksgiving dinner for our staff, students, and their loved ones! We’ll have a turkey raffle, a canned food drive, and our amazing staff will be whipping up sweet treats for everyone to savor. Our school is all about connections and we’re thrilled to bring our community and families together for this delicious celebration. And, that’s not all! Our students will be racing around in our Turkey Trot, playing games and bagging prizes. Let’s make it a gobble-tastic November!

Let’s take a peek at our “Thankful Tree” tradition! Each kiddo pens down what they’re grateful for on a leaf, and we sprout these beauties on a “tree.” This stunning display graces our front door throughout November, acting as a daily visual cue for the kids to count their blessings and pray for the things they are thankful for.

December is right around the corner, and we have so many fun things planned! We are getting closer to moving to our new location and we are so excited! 

Get to know our teachers!

Meet Ms. Stacy!

How long have you been working at United Methodist Christian School?

“I am proud to have been working at UMCS for 21 years!”

What is your favorite memory working at United Methodist Christian School?

“I have many favorite memories. I absolutely love seeing the children graduate VPK at the end of every year and get ready to go into Kindergarten!”

What are you most looking forward to at our new school campus?

“A new space, and a new beginning. I’ve been with our school for so long and getting to go to the brand new campus is like a dream come true for our school, students, and families.”

What has been your favorite age group to teach over the years?

“I absolutely loved my time working with the infant age. I love the sweet snuggly-ness from the young babies, and the way they need you fills you with love. I also really enjoy the two year old age, seeing them discover new things and learn is incredible!”

About Ms. Stacy:

“I am first and foremost a mother to 3 beautiful boys! My two oldest are chefs, and my youngest works in landscaping. I enjoy watching hallmark movies, baking, and spending time with my family and wonderful grandchildren.”

Ms. Stacy has worked in the Infant room here at United Methodist Christian School for 21 years! Ms. Stacy now co teaches with Ms. Ana in our Terrific Toddler class that oversees the two year old age group.