Frequently Asked Questions

Children and Youth Programs

Will there be youth services?

No, at this time there will not be any youth specific worship services, although this is something we are looking into for the future.

Will there be youth groups? If so, what age ranges?

Yes, there will be middle and high school youth groups (Salt + Light Youth Ministries), as well as our preschool-elementary group (Little Light’s Ministry)

What space will be designated for youth in the new church?

There will be a designated youth room for youth groups, as well as a nursery and Sunday School space for younger ages.

What worship services will there be specifically for youth/young families?

At this time there is no plan for a designated youth/young adult worship service, but the modern/contemporary service is what most of our young families choose to attend.

Christian School

Will the school be open at the same time?

The Christian school will not open when the church opens. The contractors from Collage will provide a date for the school as construction continues. 

What age groups will be accepted at the school?

The age groups that will be accepted in the school are 2 – 5-year-olds and VPK students. 

Ministries and Worship

Will you still offer a virtual option to view church services?

We are excited to continue our online worship experience with some significant improvements. Our new campus will boast a 5Gbs fiber internet pipe provided by MetroNet. This will allow us to have a good-quality full HD live stream without pixelization or unnecessary latency.

New Campus

When will the new church be open at the new location?

Our goal is to be open early fall depending on any construction delays.

Why did you move?

This vision and dream began some 25 years ago. Some days we feel a little like the Children of Israel in that we have been pursuing God’s vision for this property since 1995, even though we have not taken quite as long as the Israelites (40 years). It has been an ongoing pursuit of God’s plan and vision. We are excited to see it come to fruition as we seek to minister in a new and greater way to the Palm Coast community.

How can I get involved with the new campus?

We have a place for anyone who is interested in getting involved at PCUMC We are glad that you are interested in contacting the church to get involved. The church office can be reached via telephone at (386) 445-1600 of Website at

What is the name of the new church?

At this time, no changes are anticipated.

What is a columbarium and who is eligible to use it?

A columbarium is where cremated remains are placed. Much like a mausoleum where caskets are placed, urns with ashes are placed in niches (individual compartments) of a columbarium. At this time, current and past church members, and their families, along with clergy, will be able to purchase these niches.

Are we going to have a balcony?

No, there will be no balconies in either the sanctuary or the chapel.

Why is an organ not included in the new church?

Church staff are currently in search of musical equipment that can serve multifunctional musical purposes, including the mimicking of the sound of an organ.

Will there be pews or chairs in the sanctuary or chapel?

There will be chairs in the sanctuary and pews in the chapel.

Where will the bricks be placed?

The “named” bricks will be outside of the church and are planned to be laid in a pattern between the front entrance and the columbarium area. As construction continues, the exact location may be altered.

Will I be able to rent event space for my group or club?

Yes. Five of the rooms in the building will be of multipurpose usage. Their seating capacities range from 25 to 500 people.  

How many people can be seated in the sanctuary?

The sanctuary has a seating capacity of 500 people.

Will there be audio visuals in the chapel?

Yes. The chapel will be equipped with an audio-visual system.  

How will we show the community the new campus?

We will show the new campus to the community through a series of events, which will be communicated via a newsletter.

Will there be an outdoor rental space?

The current operations plan limits lease space for events and activities to interior spaces only.

Is the Church going to have a Digital Membership Directory?

The church already has a digital membership directory which is part of our church management software. A URL link to this directory will be communicated to the church members at the right time.