• Columbarium interment has gained significant traction in recent years, with families increasingly opting for columbarium niches as a practical and economically advantageous solution for their loved ones’ final resting places. This trend is rooted in several key factors that make companion niches a compelling choice.
  • One of the primary economic advantages of companion columbarium niches lie in their cost-effectiveness compared to traditional burial options. Traditional burials often involve the purchase of multiple plots for family members, incurring higher costs for land, caskets, and maintenance. In contrast, companion columbarium niches allow couples to share a single niche, reducing overall expenses while still providing a dignified and respectful memorialization option.
  • The efficient use of space is another economic benefit associated with companion columbarium niches. As urbanization continues to limit available land for traditional cemeteries, the vertical design of columbaria maximizes space utilization. Companion niches accommodate multiple sets of cremated remains within a single niche, making them a practical choice for families seeking a sustainable and space-efficient option.
  • Practical advantages also extend to the ease of visitation and maintenance of columbarium niches. Families appreciate the centralized location, allowing them to pay respects to multiple loved ones in one visit. The compact design of columbaria provides a serene and well-maintained environment, reducing the time and effort required for upkeep compared to traditional gravesites. This convenience is especially appealing to those with busy schedules who still want to honor their departed family members regularly.
  • Companion niches foster a sense of togetherness and shared remembrance, contributing to their increasing popularity. Families can choose companion niches to ensure their loved ones remain as close in death as they were in life. This communal aspect enhances the emotional significance of the memorial space, creating a cohesive and inclusive atmosphere for family and friends.
  • Furthermore, the economic advantage of companion niches in which two urns of cremation ashes may be placed, is that they offer, conservatively, an 80% savings when compared to traditional below ground burials.
  • In conclusion, the economic and practical advantages of companion columbarium niches make them a compelling choice for families navigating the evolving landscape of memorialization. As the demand for cost-effective, space-efficient, and customizable options continues to rise, companion niches provide a harmonious blend of practicality and meaningful remembrance, ensuring a dignified and enduring tribute to those who have passed away.
  • All the niches in Palm Coast UMC’s Memorial Garden are companion niches which can accommodate either one or two cremation urns.

If you have additional questions, you can refer to the FAQ’s on our website under the Ministries/Columbarium tab or call the church office at 386-445-1600 and request to be contacted by a member of our columbarium team.