Columbaria, often referred to as the “gift that keeps on giving,” offer a unique and timeless way to preplan your final resting place thus relieving your family of this task. These structures, designed to house cremated remains in small compartments known as niches, have become increasingly popular as a meaningful and sustainable alternative to traditional burial methods.

One of the key benefits of columbaria is their ability to provide a lasting tribute. Unlike traditional gravesites, which may require periodic maintenance and can be subject to weather-related wear and tear, columbaria offer a secure and dignified resting place for cremated remains. The architectural design of columbaria reflects a sense of permanence, ensuring that the memories of the departed endure for generations.

Columbaria also promote a sense of community and shared remembrance. Families can choose adjacent niches, allowing them to create a dedicated space for multiple generations to be together. This communal aspect fosters a connection between the living and the departed, creating a place where families can gather to honor and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Moreover, columbaria contribute to environmental sustainability. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of ecological concerns, the compact nature of columbaria addresses space constraints in urban areas and reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional burial practices. Cremation itself is often considered a more environmentally friendly option, making columbaria a conscientious choice for those seeking to minimize their carbon footprint.

The gift of a niche in a columbarium extends beyond the immediate family, reaching into the wider community. Friends, colleagues, and future generations can visit these tranquil spaces to pay their respects, fostering a sense of connection that transcends time. The enduring nature of columbaria makes them a gift that truly keeps on giving, leaving a legacy of remembrance for years to come.

In conclusion, columbaria offer a distinctive and meaningful way to memorialize loved ones. Their enduring design, community-building potential, and eco-friendly attributes make them a thoughtful gift that stands the test of time. As we navigate the changing landscape of funeral practices, columbaria emerge as a cherished option, providing solace and a lasting connection to those who have left us but will never be forgotten.

If you have additional questions, you can find information in the “Frequently Asked Questions” on our website under the Ministries/Columbarium tab or you may call our church office at 386-445-1600 and ask to be contacted by a member of the Trustee Columbarium Committee. You can also view a video of our Memorial Garden and Columbarium as they will appear when construction is completed.